Pink Beaded Anal Plug
Beaded Anal Plug - Pink
Guilty Pleasures 4U

Beaded Anal Plug - Pink

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This butt plug is perfect for the beginners out there. You may find regular butt plugs too hard to insert, due to the relative width of the head.  That is where this plug comes in, it is made to allow you to train your anus easily, with a shape more suited to untrained butts. The shape resembles three balls, the smallest first and slowly increasing in width. At the very end there is wide and easy to use handle designed not only stop the plug from accidentally being inserted to deep, it also allow the plug to be pulled out easily. Made of soft silicone, this plug is well suited to amateur anal training. Let the training and most importantly let the fun begin.

  • Color: Pink
  • Material: High Quality Rubber 
  • Length: 9.7cm / 3.8in 
  • Tip Width: 1.7cm / 0.7in 
  • Largest Bead: 2.3cm / 0.9in 
  • Handle Width: 6.3cm / 2.5in

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